About Trolleys on Cambie

As part of the agreement for construction of the Canada Line, TransLink committed to restoring trolley wires on the street. On November 17th, 2006 the TransLink board broke this commitment and voted to not restore wires upon completion of construction, even though the money had already been allocated in the original TransLink budget for the Canada Line.

Only two TransLink board members voted to support this original commitment to the citizens of Cambie street. They were Vancouver Councillor Suzan Anton and Burnaby Mayor Derek Corrigan. Voting against the restoration of trolleys was Vancouver Mayor Sam Sullivan and Vancouver Councillor Peter Ladner.

Citizens for Trolleys on Cambie street is a grass roots organization dedicated to the restoration of trolley service on Cambie Street upon completion of Canada Line construction.



I Don't Live on Cambie Street, Why Should I Care?

Over half the founders of Citizens for Trolleys on Cambie don't live in the Cambie corridor, some even live in other parts of the Lower Mainland. However they all recognize how this issue is one of regional significance.

Getting better utilization from our trolley bus fleet makes both fiscal and environmental sense. We all benefit from the increased usage of clean, quiet electric vehicles over noisy, polluting diesel buses. As well, with the inevitable increasing price of fuel, in the long term it will make financial sense to increase trolley usage. By reinstalling trolley wire now we're future-proofing ourselve against soaring operating costs of our regional transit system.

TransLink currently has the opportunity to show it will keep its promises while making a significant contribution to fighting climate change and maintaining Canada's commitment to the Kyoto Protocol. Please help us convince them to make the correct choice.